Finding a Counselor

It takes an inner strength to reach out for help and admit you can't do it on your own. I was so fortunate to have found a great counseling group when I was first going through the "fire" and continuing from there. I am convinced that it was God's providence that led me there and helped me to grow into the woman I am becoming now as God continues to mold me into His image.

Sometimes when people finally decide to take that step to reach out for help, the search begins with the insurance company because let's face it, counseling can be expensive. However, I believe the first step should begin with prayer and faith that God will provide the means in choosing a wise, Godly therapist who is grounded in Biblical truth. Not just anyone will do. Some therapists will treat the symptoms. I always wanted to know why and go deeper down to the root issues. I believe that is where true, lasting healing is found.

Where can you find a good counselor? Below are some places to start your search. However, just because a counselor may be listed, discretion is still essential. You have to find someone you are comfortable with and who most importantly lives and believes that we, as God's children, can learn trust and are healed IN relationship, therefore we can be able to persue a more honest relationship in truth with Christ and the power to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. (These are words directly from my counselor).

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